Herrick Connection

Lovers of the 17th century English poet Robert Herrick may already be aware that he was the Dean Prior Vicar from 1629 to 1674, except during the Cromwellian period when he was evicted. 
Herrick  was Born in August 1591, in London and Died in October 1674, in Dean Prior. Said to be a dynamic preacher, he was once reputed to have thrown his sermon at the congregation when he did not feel they were paying attention! A small inscribed window pane on the East side of the Church commemorates his incumbency.
The Church of St. George the Martyr has, therefore, become a place of pilgrimage to visitors from around the globe.
However, Herrick was not actually buried at Dean Prior. There is also a plaque in the grave yard to commemorate his incumbency at Dean Prior for those who enjoy investigating and researching.

The Church owns a library of books containing biographies and collections of Robert Herrick's work.  These books are to be housed in Exeter.

Anyone interested, is welcome to make an appointment to view them. 
Please email Mr. Simon Baker, entitling your email Herrick Library