You may also contact us at the Church Office in our linked parish of St Luke's, Buckfastleigh
See also Dart Valley Mission Community Website of which we are a member.

Dean Prior Churchwarden: Lynda Grieveson. (01364 643595)
Main Church Office (01364 643120)

The Church of St George the Martyr, Dean Prior, TQ11 OLT or OLY !
A Dean Prior Church road sign can be seen approx' 45m (50 yds) before the Church pull-off parking bay. 

Alternative 'B' road routes are possible. Located along the A38 between (Exeter: North) Buckfastleigh and Rattery (Plymouth, South). A small 'B' Road leads up beside the Church (and a little way up the hill) to a car park on the left just behind the church grounds. 

There is a pull-off parking bay just adjacent to the A38 'Devon Expressway' in front of the Church. 


VISITORS to The Church of St George The Martyr, Dean Prior are respectfully reminded to exercise extreme caution when exiting onto the A38 in their vehicles. This is a very busy, fast road and unsuitable for pedestrian crossing.